Well, I could barely hold back my tears for this wedding. Ok, barely is an understatement, I did NOT hold back my tears for this wedding and if you were lucky enough to be a guest at this ceremony, you understand whole heartedly why.

I have known Julia since my brother was kindergarten with her daughter Elizabeth. Our families grew up attending the same school functions and activities and all of the same schools from kindergarten to high school. I was even lucky enough to work in a tanning salon where Julia had her hair salon for awhile and was on the dance team with her daughter.

A few years ago, the Grandlic family, Julia, Liz and Adam (her son), suffered a devastating loss when their husband and father passed away unexpectedly. It was a loss none of them saw coming. Dan was always the life of the party and loved by so, so many and still missed to this day.

And now enter Pete, a man I hadn’t met until his wedding day. You know when people say, “oh he’s a nice guy,” when talking about someone you don’t really know? Well, Pete really is a nice guy. In fact, more than nice, he was welcoming and kind from the first handshake and has a little twinkle in his eyes that can’t go unnoticed. I can see why Julia was hooked!

If I could remember word-for-word what Pete wrote in his vows, I can promise you, you would be crying a few tears (yes, Dad, even you). I could try and sum it up but I wouldn’t be able to do it justice. He talked about how he feels selfish that he got to marry Julia when she should still be married to Dan. How he feels guilty that her and her kids had to go through such a terrible loss in order for Pete and Julia to be together and even talked about how he believes Dan had a hand in getting these two together. It was beautiful.

These two newlyweds got to end their perfectl day with one of the best receptions I’ve ever attended. Strong drinks, good food and a live band. The bride even brought her own pink tambourine to play as you will see in the pictures below.

If these two can love one another like they can party, I have no doubt their love will endure forever. I wish the Panasiuk’s nothing but happiness, laughs and love for many years to come!

Ceremony & Reception: The Shore Club in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin

Makeup Artist: Katie Rammer

Florist: Bare Buds Event Floral Design

Cupcakes: Leah’s Sweet Dreams

Shoes: Badgley Mischka

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