Ok, I know it is only September 4th… But I cannot containment myself when it comes to the fall! It is my favorite season for numerous things; my birthday, pumpkin spice everything, cooler weather, Halloween, apple cider donuts, Hocus Pocus, family photos, apple orchards and of course, PUMPKIN PATCHES!!

Not to mention, fall growing up was probably the best part of my childhood. My Mom always made sure my brother and I had the best costumes ( she sewed me a Laura Ingalls Wilder dress for Halloween once!), we would have fun Halloween parties with our cousins and I vividly remember one Halloween with a piñata in our garage and last but not least, there was never a shortage of Halloween candy at our house. Not just during Halloween, but ever! And the desserts were always pretty on point as Mom has been known to bake.

Now that I’m a Mom myself with a 2.5 year old son, I now want to carry on the traditions of my favorite season and I had to start… ASAP! So we took off to the Apple Holler this morning and he didn’t want to leave! It’s fun to take him out now when he finally recognizes things and you can see the wheels turning in his head on how everything works. I hope he enjoys making these memories as much as I do!

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