You Are My Sunshine | MADISON WI Sunset Session

I finally did it! I finally picked out outfits and asked a friend of mine to just snap some photos of my son, Beckham and I, while we were visiting her this past week. And yes, we are missing Daddy (but that was kind of the point)! Hopefully he can stop working for a day and join us on our next photoshoot.

While it took only about 10 minutes for these photos to be done, I will treasure them FOREVER! And the last picture in this post will be exactly how most Mom’s feel after their sessions with crazy kids! But it just proves that beautiful pictures CAN be done even if your child is totally unwilling. Like mine. It just takes a few outtakes and lots of gummy bear bribery! ; )

Gummy bears, ice cream, a puppy – hey whatever works! No judgement here!


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