There are plenty of things that can put a smile on peoples faces; sunshine after rain, a hot cup of coffee after a sleepless night, the genuine laughter of a child’s laugh and for me, photographing tiny humans.

Little Henry was born on February 20, 2020 or 02.20.2020. I am guessing his lucky number will be 2!

His Mom and Dad and big sister Tessa had so much fun dressing him up and imagining what he’ll like when he grows up. Dad is hoping for a Star Wars loving, baseball playing, Dave Matthews Band listening kiddo. Mom is probably just hoping she doesn’t have to worry too much about fast cars and broken bones and big sister Tessa is hoping to have someone to teach the world of Harry Potter to. It looks like baby Henry is going to have quite the loving home with lots of adventures to be introduced to!

Hello World, meet Henry!

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