KNAPTON FAMILY | Maternity Session

This session.. Oh my gosh you guys! It was one where all the stars aligned and everything turned out perfect! Except for when I took a huge fall off the boardwalk.. Top 3 of my most embarrassing moments of my life… but, I digress because the photos I was able to get of the Knapton family before they become a family of 4 are so beautiful (and worth the bruises)! Perfect weather, great scenery and lots of love!**

Atwater Beach in Shorewood, Wisconsin has easily become one of my favorite places to shoot. I shot here last summer for Annie and John and it was a dream! I knew coming back here would not be disappointing! When you come here, you kind of feel like you’re not in the United States anymore and more like you’re on the Positano Coast of Italy. Even Kate made the comment that it doesn’t feel like you’re in Wisconsin and she totally nailed it! I love this beautiful beach area! If you ever have the time to visit, this tiny piece of paradise is amazing and worth a drive!

You may remember the Knapton family from their session last December when they were getting ready to announce baby # 2 and that baby is about to be here! I can’t believe how fast Jojo grew up and how good of a big sister she is going to be! I absolutely love this session and can’t wait to meet Baby Boy Knapton!

Lot’s of love, something this world could use more of right now and as a parent of a 3 year old, I am so happy to see there is love in this world and there are smiles to be had. Lately, my heart has been heavy with recent events as I am sure much of yours are and being able to capture happiness and good family photos has been not only a good distraction but it also gives me hope for a better future for our babies. I know love starts at home and I pray all of our babies and kids can grow up in a world better than what is happening right now.

Thanks for staying to the end!



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