Sunset Mini Sessions | Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Where does one even begin? The lighting and the weather were top notch for these August Minis! Capturing the end of summer tans, scraped up knees, a new puppy and the sunshine smiles that indicate a summer was well spent.

I love that I was able to capture this season of life for these families – showing that there is happiness, love and laughter in this world despite everything that is going on it. As a Mom myself, I am sure these parents just want to press “pause” on where these kiddos are and soak in the silliness and curiosity all these boys have (can you believe I only had families with boys for these minis?!) before they head back to another year of school. While they also probably wish they could press “fast-forward” on some days to get them to bedtime faster when the time-outs and tantrums seem to be nonstop. We all know those days. Pass the wine.

Thankfully, we have preserved this moment in time through photography and can look back at the innocent and smiley kiddos we are so lucky to have in our lives. Even on those challenging days!

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