My first encounter with a camera was back in 1998 when I did a “styled” shoot for my American Girl Dolls on a disposable camera in my childhood bedroom ( you can laugh, it was ridiculous). I can still remember how upset my Mom was when she found out she paid to have those pictures developed at Walmart. Little did she know she was just supporting my future career!

Since then, I have had A LOT more experience, learned the real technique of a professional camera and have shot countless sessions with REAL people and not dolls.

My approach to photography is to capture the moments; the real laughs, the mischievous smirks, the smiles that light up your world, interaction with siblings and the laughs that you will be able to hear for years to come just by looking back at your pictures.

When I am not behind the lens, I can be found reading the newest Elin Hildebrand book, begging my husband to take the family to Disney World, chasing around my 3 year old son or warming up my second cup of coffee for the 4th time.

I can’t wait to meet you!